Xbox’s Game-Changing Update: Over 1400 Retro Games Coming Next Week

Xbox's Game-Changing Update

Xbox is set to revolutionize gaming with its upcoming content drop. Antstream Arcade brings over 1400 retro games to the platform. This cloud streaming service will introduce a vast collection of classic titles, including some from PlayStation and Nintendo, making their debut on Xbox consoles.

Launching on July 21st, Antstream Arcade will feature many games spanning early Atari releases, Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, and the original PlayStation era. These games will be streamable to Xbox consoles, provide fast cloud game saves, high online scores, and the ability to continue play across various platforms.

Xbox’s Perspective: Sarah Bond, from Xbox, expressed excitement about the announcement, emphasizing the nostalgic appeal of these games and the joy of sharing those experiences with friends and family. The collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and the utilization of Azure cloud services enable Antstream to reach a wider audience of players.

Xbox’s Pioneering Role: Xbox will be the first central console to natively support Antstream Arcade, allowing seamless integration without needing local downloads. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Antstream Arcade becomes the world’s first third-party cloud gaming service to feature on Xbox.

Availability and Pricing: Antstream Arcade will be available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store today, with annual access priced at $29.99 and lifetime access at $79.99. A live stream is scheduled for more detailed information at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 8 pm BST.

Antstream Arcade Background: Antstream Arcade, established in 2013 by CEO and founder Steve Cottam, is a UK-based retro game cloud service. With over 3000 retro and classic indie game titles licensed (including more than 1400 currently live on the platform), Antstream Arcade is the largest service worldwide. The company is supported by industry leaders such as Tencent and Atari.

Conclusion: Xbox’s collaboration with Antstream Arcade is set to reshape the gaming landscape, bringing a massive library of retro games to Xbox consoles. With the convenience of cloud streaming, players can enjoy many beloved titles and share their gaming experiences with others. Don’t miss out on this game-changing update—pre-order Antstream Arcade today and embark on a nostalgic journey.

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