WhatsApp Enhances Sticker Suggestions Using Emoji Integration

WhatsApp, a leading instant messaging app, constantly evolves to stay in sync with the Unicode Consortium’s updates, which have expanded the emoji library to cover almost any expression. While WhatsApp already supports stickers and GIFs, emoji remains popular among users. To bridge the connection between emoji and stickers, WhatsApp is testing an innovative feature that provides personalized sticker recommendations based on the emoji you’re about to send.

WhatsApp’s Sticker Recommendation System: Since 2018, WhatsApp has allowed users to use stickers in conversations. However, finding the correct sticker quickly can become challenging as sticker packs accumulate or users create their own. WhatsApp required sticker pack creators to associate each sticker with specific emoji to address this. Now, the app is leveraging this association to enhance its sticker recommendation system.

How It Works: As soon as you type an emoji, WhatsApp’s system suggests related stickers from the packs you have installed on your device. These sticker recommendations appear conveniently above the message box, making it easy to select the perfect sticker for the moment. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who prefer specific art styles in stickers or want something different from the commonly used emoji. It streamlines the process of finding situationally appropriate emoji as well.

Availability and Testing: This sticker recommendation function is still under development and is only accessible to Android app beta testers using version It has been tested with the Cuppy sticker pack from the WhatsApp store. Still, its performance with multiple compatible packs installed remains to be seen. The feature is also compatible with older beta builds of the app. It may extend to the iOS version in the future.

Conclusion: WhatsApp’s integrating emoji and stickers is a clever way to enhance the user experience. The app simplifies finding and sharing expressive visuals in conversations by suggesting relevant stickers based on the emoji used. Even though the functionality is still in development, it could improve the sticker experience for all WhatsApp users.

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