Tracking Elon Musk’s Private Jet: The Resurgence on Threads and the Confrontation with Mark Zuckerberg

Discover the latest developments in the intriguing saga of tracking Elon Musk’s private jet as Jack Sweeney, the college student behind the banned @ElonJet Twitter account, brings the project to Meta’s rival platform, Threads. Since its launch, Sweeney’s new @elonmusksjet account on Threads has already garnered 80,000 followers. Notably, he directly addresses Mark Zuckerberg in a post, asking if he can remain on the platform while acknowledging the existence of the @zuckerbergjet account dedicated to tracking Zuckerberg’s private jet.

The original account tracking Musk’s jet has experienced suspensions and subsequent restorations on Threads and Instagram, where it has been active for months. Elon Musk suspended the @ElonJet Twitter account last year, citing concerns about personal safety. However, Sweeney, known for tracking the flights of notable individuals like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos, and Kim Kardashian, continues monitoring activities on other platforms.

Interestingly, Sweeney’s interaction with Musk in the past included rejecting a $5,000 offer to remove the tracker and requesting a $50,000 offer and an internship instead. By challenging Zuckerberg, Sweeney appears to be provoking a similar response from the Meta CEO.

While Sweeney maintains a Twitter account tracking Musk’s private jet, it now operates with a 24-hour delay, complying with Twitter’s policy on sharing real-time location information. Meanwhile, Meta’s Threads platform has gained significant traction, amassing 100 million users shortly after its launch. The platform’s absence in the European Union, pending regulatory approval, has helped its popularity. Sweeney’s decision to revive his real-time Elon jet tracker on Threads may further escalate tensions between Twitter and Meta, as the former threatens to sue Meta, alleging the use of trade secrets and intellectual property.

With the ongoing rivalry between Musk and Zuckerberg, their clash extends beyond social media, with both expressing a willingness to engage in a cage match. The tracking of Elon Musk’s private jet continues to captivate audiences and stoke the flames of competition between these tech giants.

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