Protests Erupt at Swedish Embassy in Iraq over Quran Burning Incident


Quran Burning Incident

A fiery protest unfolded at the Swedish embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, as hundreds of demonstrators stormed the premises in response to a planned Quran burning in Stockholm, Sweden. The incident has sparked tension between the two nations, leading to arrests and heated exchanges.

The Protest and Its Aftermath: Videos shared on social media captured the chaotic scenes, with protesters breaching the embassy’s main gates and black smoke billowing from the building. Iraqi security forces took action, dispersing the crowd with electric batons and water cannons to extinguish the flames. During the unrest, three photojournalists were arrested, and one journalist was subjected to violence by the security forces.

The Controversial Quran Burning: The demonstrations in Baghdad were triggered by the actions of Salwan Momika, an Iraqi national in Sweden, who burned a Quran outside a mosque in Stockholm during Eid-al-Adha, sparking outrage both in Iraq and globally. Although no Qurans were burned during the latest protest, disturbing footage emerged showing two protesters partially destroying a Quran and Momika desecrating the holy book by stepping on it and using it to polish his shoes with the image of the Iraqi flag.

International Reactions: Swedish authorities condemned the Baghdad protests, describing the demonstrators’ actions as “completely unacceptable.” Meanwhile, tensions escalated between the two nations. Iraq threatened to sever diplomatic ties with Sweden over the Quran-burning incidents sanctioned by the Swedish authorities.

A Call for Accountability: The Iraqi government held an emergency meeting to address the issue, vowing to present the arrested individuals to the judiciary for investigation. Negligent security officials will also face appropriate legal measures. Prominent Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr disapproved of Sweden’s actions and urged the government to take decisive action rather than just issuing condemnations.

Diplomatic Fallout: Both countries recalled their diplomats in response to the heated situation. Iraq summoned Sweden’s charge d’affaires, leading to Sweden recalling its charge d’affaires from the Iraqi embassy. The condition also led to Iraq suspending the license of Swedish telecom giant Ericsson within the country.

Conclusion: The protests at the Swedish embassy in Baghdad have highlighted the sensitivities surrounding religious beliefs and the importance of respecting diplomatic missions. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for international cooperation and understanding to prevent such tensions in the future.

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