Police Scrutinized in Manipur: Delayed Action on Ghastly Incident Sparks Outrage

Police Scrutinized in Manipur

Questions and outrage have emerged over the role of the police in Manipur, India, following a horrifying incident where two women were paraded naked by a mob of men. After a video of the incident went viral, there were widespread criticism and calls for justice.While police have opened a case of gang rape and arrested four men, many are questioning why they took so long to act. A police complaint was lodged shortly after the incident, and the identities of many perpetrators were visible in the footage.

Delayed Action and Disturbing Details: Criticism has intensified as reports emerged that the mob allegedly took the survivors from police custody. Two survivors have accused the police of being present during the attack but failing to intervene. The police have not denied these allegations, and some reports suggest they felt “outnumbered” during the incident. A government official stated that the delay in handling the case could be attributed to the small size of the Manipur police force, and earlier access to the video could have led to swifter arrests.

The Violent Background: The women involved in the incident were part of a group fleeing violent ethnic clashes between the Meitei and Kuki tribal communities in Manipur. These clashes have caused 130 deaths and displaced around 60,000 people. The survivors, belonging to the Kuki community, were attacked while trying to escape after their village was targeted and burned down by a mob of armed men.

Disturbing Video Sparks Outrage: The shocking video, shared on social media, showed the women in distress, pleading for mercy, and enduring unimaginable pain. Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud expressed deep concern over the video, and the parliament has been disrupted as opposition lawmakers demand a debate on the issue. Public anger and protests have forced the government to act, resulting in the first arrest concerning the incident.

Calls for Justice and Government Response: Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the incident, vowing that no one guilty would be spared. Chief Minister Biren Singh also called for capital punishment for those involved. However, critics argue that the delayed arrests do little to inspire confidence in the authorities. Local Kuki tribal and women’s organizations have also alleged other incidents of rape in the state, further heightening concerns about women’s safety.

Conclusion: The ghastly incident in Manipur has brought the police’s role under intense scrutiny. The delayed response to the video’s dissemination and initial arrests has sparked public outrage and demands for swift justice. As the government faces pressure to address such crimes effectively, the need for accountability and protection of women’s rights remains at the forefront of the national conversation.

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