Expert Cosmetic Surgeon Who Live-Streamed Procedures on TikTok Loses Medical License

TikTok Loses Medical License

A renowned cosmetic surgeon in Ohio, known as Dr. Roxy in her practice “Roxy Plastic Surgery,” and with a substantial following on TikTok, has had her medical license permanently revoked. Dr. Katharine Grawe, who gained popularity by live-streaming surgeries on the social media platform, was found by the Ohio Medical Board to have caused harm to patients during these broadcasts. While performing surgeries, she interacted with viewers. She answered questions, which led to the board’s decision to suspend her license initially in November.

In a recent meeting with the board, Grawe appealed for leniency and expressed her willingness to change her social media practices, vowing never to live stream surgeries again. However, the board remained steadfast in its decision, citing Grawe’s lack of professionalism and prioritization of social media over patient safety.

The medical board had previously cautioned Grawe 2018 about concerns regarding patient privacy and potential ethical violations. A suspension notice also highlighted three patients who experienced severe complications requiring extensive medical care after undergoing surgery performed by Grawe. One patient suffered a perforated intestine, discovered a week after the surgery, partially live-streamed on TikTok. The patient faced significant abdominal damage, bacterial infections, and even loss of brain function due to toxins in her blood.

Former patient Mary Jenkins, who sought breast reconstructive surgery from Grawe after battling cancer, expressed relief at the board’s decision, stating that it marked the end of a chapter in her life.

Although Grawe’s license to practice medicine in Ohio is affected by the Ohio Medical Board’s actions, those actions will be made public online and submitted to the National Practitioner Databank, ensuring that the implications are recognized outside Ohio.

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