An Exciting 2023 Release: Quasimorph – The Turn-Based Extraction RPG


Prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience as Quasimorph, the upcoming turn-based extraction RPG, combines the best of both worlds. This top-down space adventure seamlessly merges the intense structure of extraction shooters like Escape From Tarkov with the tactical gameplay of turn-based RPG combat.

Quasimorph transports you to a future where outer space has been privatized by corporations vying for control over the Solar System. As if that wasn’t enough, a sinister disease spreads across space stations, intricately linked to interdimensional rifts that welcome terrifying demons into our world. Brace yourself for action-packed battles against ruthless mercenaries, corporate agents, and mutated monsters.

To face these overwhelming challenges, you take on the role of a Private Military Company boss armed with planet-sized resources. Utilize your ability to clone the best employees, sending them on dangerous missions to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. The game’s Steam page promises a unique blend of strategic thinking and intense tactical decision-making without the need for lightning-fast reflexes.

Quasimorph offers a tantalizing preview chapter on Steam titled “Quasimorph: End Of Dream,” providing a glimpse into the heart-pounding shootouts and roguelike elements awaiting the full release. Mark your calendars for August 16th, when Quasimorph launches for PC via Steam.

While eagerly awaiting Quasimorph’s arrival, remember to explore other exciting indie games on the horizon for 2023 and beyond.

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