Indian PM Modi’s Historic Visit to Egypt After 26 Years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his visit to the United States and embarked on a significant two-day journey to Egypt, marking the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Egypt in 26 years. The visit held great significance and was extended as a “State visit” following an invitation from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who honored PM Modi as the distinguished “Chief Guest” during India’s Republic Day celebrations earlier this year.

Bilateral Talks and Cultural Engagements:

During his stay in Egypt, PM Modi engaged in bilateral talks with Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and President El-Sisi. He also took the opportunity to visit the historic Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo and paid homage to Indian soldiers who fought in Egypt during World War I at the Heliopolis War Grave cemetery.

Meeting with the Grand Mufti: 

A significant highlight of PM Modi’s tour was meeting with the esteemed Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam. Their discussions focused on strengthening cultural and people-to-people relations between India and Egypt, reflecting PM Modi’s commitment to fostering closer ties between the two nations.

Warm Reception and Enthusiasm: 

PM Modi received a warm welcome at Cairo International Airport from Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, symbolizing the special honor bestowed upon him. The Indian community in Cairo also showed their excitement by waving Indian flags and chanting “Modi Modi” as he arrived at the hotel. The Indian diaspora gathered at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cairo, expressing their love and admiration through Indian songs and music. PM Modi interacted with members of the Indian community, including children, strengthening the bond between the Indian diaspora and their homeland.

Shared Cultural Heritage and Friendship: 

PM Modi’s visit exemplified the shared cultural heritage between India and Egypt, emphasizing the aspiration to deepen the ties between the two nations. The warm welcome from Egyptian leaders and the enthusiastic reception from the Indian community underscored the strong bond of friendship and cooperation between India and Egypt.


Indian PM Modi’s historic visit to Egypt after 26 years marked a significant milestone in bilateral relations. The visit showcased the commitment to strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties, as PM Modi engaged in bilateral talks, cultural engagements, and meaningful interactions with the Indian diaspora. The warm reception and enthusiasm displayed by both Egyptian leaders and the Indian community highlighted the strong bond of friendship between the two nations.

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